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Farhad Ui/Ux

My name is Farhad, a Frontend designer and a Programmer, for more than 12 years of experience. I just emerged from WordPress and PHP, grew up with the Laravel and MySQL, and enjoyed from Bootstrap...

And now, I am here. A Node.js backend programmer, a Mango DB specialist, a UI/UX Developper, specialized in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD, and a lover of React... Nothing to worry...

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On Me

Graphic Design
Logo Designs
User Interface
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Adobe illustrator


  • Sanam - Graphic Design (Creative Director - 2021)
  • Renault - Website (UX Designer - 2022)
  • MrTehran - Website (UX Designer - 2022)
  • Dentist Krakow Poland - Mobile App (UI - 2022)
  • Melli Bank - Graphic Design (Art Director - 2022)
  • Sitroweb - Website (Front-End Developer - 2022)


  • Graphic Design Certificate - 2017 (New York)
  • Graphic Design Expertation - 2017 (New York)
  • UX Design Certificate - 2019 (Istanbul)
  • UI Master Certificate 2021 (Dubai)
  • Frontend Master Certificate - 2022 (Istanbul)
  • Digital Marketing Expert Certificate - 2022 (Istanbul)
  • Adobe XD Expert Certificate - 2022 (Adobe Online)

I always believe that the most important thing after finishing a project should be the beginning of a good friendship and cooperation with the client. Support and commitment is the best gift that I can give to those who ask for my cooperation.

UI/UX Design
Website Design
Team Project
Graphic Design